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MSABC Teams and History

The MSABC has a variety of teams that are put together every year by different tryouts across the state and/or coaches vote.

Please click on the team to the left that you are looking for.

Congratulations to all the players that have received these honors!


Maryland MLB Draft History

Here is the compliation of Maryland players that have been selected in the MLB Draft!

Maryland MLB Draft History

MSABC Pre-Season All-State History

You can view the complete history of MSABC's Pre-Season All-State Teams online!


MSABC Senior All-Stars History

You can view the complete history of MSABC Senior All-Star Games on this online!


MSABC All-Time Honor Roll

Click here to view MSABC's All-Time Honor Roll! 


Special thanks to Dave Johnson of Parkside High School for all his time and energy in compiling this research!