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Social Media For Team Maryland Games

During the next few weeks, we will broadcast via the internet on iScore. You can view the live action of the game via the internet or smartphone by accessing the information below.

1. You may also want to follow us on Twitter (@MSBAC1) if you plan to be on the go this summer.

2. The MSABC Classic, Team Maryland, and Futures Classic will be broadcast. DIRECTIONS: URL http://iscorecast.com?c=cdf7b01149, that will take you to the games list. The games you want to find are the MSABC Classic East, West, North or South.

3. Team Maryland iScore Team Website http://iscorebaseball.com/teammaryland, you can replace the customer id in that URL with the Team Website name. Mobile devices can either use the same URL or http://data.iscorecentral.com/iscorecast/htmlplayer.php?c=cdf7b01149 for a more text based interface. OR http://my.iscorecentral.com User Code for iScore: CDF7B01149 Keep scoring updates via iScore @MSABC1 on Twitter Follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MarylandBaseballCoaches Follow us on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/msabcbaseball/ Team Maryland will be playing in the Heartland Classic, June 16-22. Stats will be updated for your enjoyment.

A Facebook page was started three years ago under: Team Maryland, so individuals may see pictures and video uploads. http://iscorebaseball.com/teammaryland Several games that Team Maryland will play will be live streaming video on the internet. We will keep you posted via social networking. Thanks for your participation in the MSABC social websites.

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